Sellex Grows Your Commercial Talent and Your Profitable Sales – inspiring Commercial Confidence


Make your next big move

Sellex was founded as a specialist sales consultancy and we have evolved to help organisations instill Commercial Confidence – through Capability Development and through Consulting. Whether it be Commercial Capability Development, Revenue Growth Management or Commercial Organisational Effectiveness, we are guided by our purpose:

To build Commercial Confidence in an industry we love Building Commercial Confidence in an industry we love, paving the way for a new generation of leaders. People and Planet and Profit in equal measure

Identifying the Commercial Confidence opportunities for the teams in your business – Sellex Grows Your Commercial Talent

Identifying the biggest profitable growth drivers in your organisation – Sellex Grows Your Profitable Sales

Prepare your organisation for future success – the right planning, the right processes, the right competence

Drive your top line through robust Category and Omni-Channel growth strategies


We are here to grow your Commercial Confidence

We can help you identify and take advantage of key growth opportunities in your marketplace. By fully understanding your business, we can also help to ensure that those opportunities are as profitable as possible.

All of our consultants have extensive experience across a number of sectors, including FMCG, consumer electronics, retail, (both online and instore), fashion, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and B2B services. Each of them has held senior operational roles, understand the challenges and opportunities that you and your teams will face, and can provide pragmatic and practical recommendations and solutions.

But there is a reason we do what we do...

Our Purpose – To build Commercial Confidence in an industry we love Building Commercial Confidence in an industry we love, paving the way for a new generation of leaders. People and planet and profit in equal measure

Guided by valuable insight, delivered by excellent people.

Although the recommendations we make and solutions we deliver are guided, it is our consultants who help our clients to solve problems and experience growth and success.


Why choose Sellex?

We've been operating as a specialist consultancy for over 22 years - working with clients across the world. Our experience is only one of the many reasons you should choose Sellex to support your growth.


We are constantly evolving to meet the needs of Customer and Category Development Professionals

Customer Development has never been more complex. Your Customer Development Team is the very first impression new customers get of your overall team’s ability. Argumentation, Negotiation and Relationship Building Skills are the bedrock of good Customer Development Professionals. But are your teams equipped to really understand your Customer’s strategy, from commercial needs to their evolving Environmental, Social and Governmental (ESG) requirements from suppliers. When was the last time you reviewed the interpersonal skills of your team, as communication methods evolve? As Sales and Marketing disciplines merge, is your Go-To-Market strategy right? Sellex stays at the forefront of what is happening in the professional lives of professional sales people, we want everyone who works with Sellex to be brimming with Commercial Confidence

Deliver profitable growth with revenue management

With over 20 years’ experience in Revenue Management, at Sellex we know the positive impact that this focus can have on a client’s P&L. We work with clients to optimise their effectiveness of their spend over time, giving them the confidence that they’re investing in the right investments and helping them to make more informed decisions.