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Retailers are changing rapidly – are you prepared?

March 1, 2024

Retailers are rapidly selling off assets – whether it is to pay down debt, fund an upcoming price war, or invest in their retail estate for a more exciting shopping environment – either way, we all need to be ready! Learn how Sellex can maximise your commercial capability. According to Knight Frank, around £2.49bn worth…

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What does the latest Sainsbury’s strategy announcement mean for suppliers, large medium and small?

February 12, 2024

To maximise the value of upcoming, almost inevitable investment discussions with Sainsbury’s, branded manufacturers have to take a cross functional approach to Commercial Marketing, putting the full weight of their insights and brand credentials to work. We encourage branded manufacturers to walk towards these conversations, with some very clear category recommendations and investible initiatives in…

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Top 8 Impacts of HFSS on the SHELF

June 11, 2021

The premise is simple – HFSS brands that are prevented from driving sales through display or multibuys are going to rely more heavily on driving sales from the Shelf.  But what does this mean in practice?  Previously we’ve written about the HFSS Impact on Promotions here, and on Terms here, as both are directly impacted from the HFSS regulations. However,…

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Prepare now for HFSS Impact on Terms

April 21, 2021

While the primary impact of HFSS regulations in 2022 is on Promotions and off-shelf Display, HFSS also has significant implications for the Customer Terms that fund Display, Feature Space and Merchandising.  This is especially true for brands that currently fund their promotions and feature space with on-invoice promotion funding, or ‘Back to Front margin’ (B2F Margin) as it’s…

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Prepare now for HFSS Impact on Promotions

March 21, 2021

First COVID, then Brexit – there’s no shortage of challenge in the grocery industry right now.  But while the industry is still reacting to these two major disruptions a third is already imminent – as the government plans to restrict promotions ongoing on High Fat Sugar and Salt (HFSS) products as early as April 2022.  Since…

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Electronic Price Tags promise an exciting future for RGM

November 20, 2020

I had a glimpse into the future yesterday – in the Asda at Stevenage.  I know, I never thought I’d say that either – but they’ve recently installed electronic shelf labels (or ESL’s) to most of their lines in the largest UK trial of this technology to date.  There are many benefits to ESL’s but…

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2020 is the Perfect time to reset Customer Terms

October 5, 2020

We are living through the most economically disruptive period in living memory – and there is no obvious end in sight.  Some products and channels have seen 5-10 years of sales growth in a matter of months, while others have dropped off or seemingly sunk without trace, and the forecast accuracy measures for 2020 are…

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Are You Setup for Success?

March 13, 2020

When it comes to improving organisational effectiveness, there are a few questions that we frequently discuss with our clients: Will the current structure of your sales or commercial organisation support the delivery of your growth plans over the next 3-5 years? Do you have the right capabilities within your organisation to unlock the growth opportunities…

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New Years’ Resolutions and Annual Business Plans…What’s Your Strategy for Business Growth in 2020?

January 17, 2020

How many of us made New Years’ Resolutions in the run-up to December 31st? If you, like me, made promises to yourself to do things like exercise more, eat more healthy food, lose weight, read more books, etc, then you should realise that we are not alone. Frequent studies show that a significant percentage of…

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Which Training Techniques Are the Most Effective?

November 29, 2019

Sales training is essential to any organisation. Ensuring that your sales teams are equipped with the correct skills is paramount to delivering profitable growth. As a team of highly trained consultants and trainers with a wealth of knowledge on the theory behind and the practical application of sales training, we have built our training with…

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The Challenge of Sales Capability

November 19, 2019

Unless you’ve been avoiding all social interaction for the past 10 years, it’s difficult not to notice the numerous and well documented challenges all suppliers to the retail sector are facing: changes in consumer behaviour; advances in data and analytics; and the channel shifts. All of which (…plus the ongoing uncertainties of Brexit) have had…

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Training Needs Analysis – It helps to know your starting point, as well as your destination

November 15, 2019

We’re often asked by clients to help them improve business performance and deliver incremental revenue and profit growth through training and developing the sales skills and capabilities of their sales and commercial teams. Often the first step that we take with a client is to carry out a Training Needs Analysis to help the client understand the…

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