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Author: Euan McGlashan

How to meet the challenge of delivering capability within eCommerce

For many consumer packaged goods businesses the changes in consumer habits have forced them to focus on the areas that can deliver growth away from the comfort of traditional big box retail in areas such as, convenience, discounters, private label and online.  Whilst in most of these spaces the traditional skills of the Customer Manager are wholly transferrable, the online channel presents a different and specific challenge.

Many commercial leaders have not managed these customers in their careers and often grapple with what is required to succeed versus the known quantity of bricks and mortar. Frequently the challenge is passed to new entrants to the business, who having grown up in an era of constant social media interaction, and who should therefore somehow have a better handle on how Amazon algorithms work, and magically enable their businesses to benefit from the accelerating growth opportunity it presents. 

The reality is somewhat different, to succeed in eCommerce you need a team of Customer Managers who truly understand the levers to effect sustainable, non-cannibalising growth.

To meet this challenge, Sellex have built a comprehensive eCommerce Selling module for all customer managers who currently, or will in the future, manage customers with an online presence.  Whether it be pure-play, or bricks and clicks, our two-day immersive programme covers the fundamentals account handlers need to succeed.  These include:

  • What the eCommerce landscape is, who operates there, how to define, and understand where they play
  • The commercial capabilities required to excel within this environment
  • Online sales fundamentals and the 6P’s: Product, Price, Page, Promotion, Place and Performance… to enable you to set your products correctly, create demand and then course correct as required
  • In-depth understanding of how algorithms work and how to get the flywheel working for you
  • Potential impact on pricing and distribution strategy, and how to mitigate

Of course, capability is just one challenge within the world of eCommerce, and if you’d like to know more on how we can help you meet the challenges it presents to your pricing, terms, promotions, and category, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Find out how our eCommerce module can help you.

To understand how your teams would benefit from the eCommerce Selling module, you can contact us below, and one of our consultants will happily talk you through how we can make it work for your business.

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