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Business Growth Strategy

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Ensuring you’re ready to make your next big move and experience long term growth

Throughout our business growth strategy process we’ll focus on:

  • Setting your vision and goals
  • Identifying your opportunities
  • Delivering your strategy and tactics

In short, we’ll help you know exactly where to play and how to win.

Whether it’s ever-changing shopper habits, retailer consolidation or the development of new channel opportunities, operating in a highly complex market means planning ahead is crucial for achieving growth.

We will help you understand where to focus your resources and investment over the next 3-5 years – identifying where your opportunities lie and how best to overcome key challenges.

Setting your vision and goals

How we help

It’s crucial that everyone in your organisation is aligned. The main focus of our vision and goals work is to produce a clear, concise and motivating plan to get everyone on board. We help you and your team define your future growth potential. We do this by showing you where to focus in order to deliver this growth, and by using our modelling tools to undertake situational analysis, and producing a visual tool that helps to define your future growth, together with facilitated workshops to help align your teams.

Our approach

We will set essential strategic goals that will serve as the foundation of your forward planning, as well as producing a compelling vision the whole business can get behind. Our team will use a highly interactive and objective approach to ensure we collaborate and take lead from your organisation, values and processes. 

Identifying your opportunities

How we help

Knowing where your opportunities lie is the first step in achieving your vision and goals. We will help you to identify your key opportunities for growth and give you a picture of what that could mean for your business over a 3-5 year period. We will identify where to focus and prioritise resources and investment – helping you make the key choices you need to grow and win.

Our approach

During this phase, we will:

  • Use our modelling tools to undertake situational analysis, helping us to identify your key opportunities and their growth potential
  • Assess the viability of different opportunities using long term projections
  • Advise where you should prioritise your efforts and resources
  • Produce a visual tool that helps to define your future growth

The work culminates in the production of a set of guidelines and principles which we refer to as our “where to play” plan. It is at this point we can begin to document exactly how you will take advantage of your biggest opportunities for long term growth.

Delivering your strategy and tactics

How we help

After we’ve uncovered your growth opportunities, the next stage is to develop strategies and tactics that document exactly how you’re going to take advantage of them. This is what we refer to as our ‘how to win’ process.

Our approach

During this phase, we will:

  • Create a strategic road map for shorter term operational planning, both internally and collaboratively with your key customers
  • Identify your critical enablers and the long-term direction of these
  • Assess exactly what needs to happen for you to drive this growth opportunity forward

We will provide you with our ‘strategy to reality’ schedule which clearly defines who will do what, when to deliver the targeted change and how the process will be governed. Should you need support in the long term, we can work closely with you to help implement your strategy and tactics. For more detail, please see our services or contact us.


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