Commercial Capability


Developing capabilities for success.

To ensure your team have the skills and capabilities needed to deliver your growth strategy, we created the Sellex Academy.

A competency-based training academy, we can offer bespoke training covering a number of key areas including communication, channel strategy and revenue growth management.

Sellex Academy benefits include the following:

  • Training is delivered by our expert consultants who have real on-the-job experience to share with your team.
  • The learning extends beyond the classroom as we’ll work with you to ensure your team can put the theory into practice.
  • We will adapt the course content so that it is bespoke to your learning and development needs.
  • We provide a blended learning approach including the use of technology and apps to support and embed learning.

Developing capabilities for success.

The contemporary commercial manager needs to be more than ‘just’ a sales expert to succeed - they also need a wide range of commercial and business management skills. The reality is everyone in your team may have varying levels of experience and expertise in such areas.

Furthermore, when your strategy changes you need to ensure your team possesses the core competencies needed for success.

In our experience, traditional short-term training courses help people understand the theory, but they are then left unsupported while they put this into practice. That is where Sellex Academy differs – as it takes into account the 70/20/10 methodology of learning and helps the trainee at every point of their journey.

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Why Sellex Academy?

Sellex Academy is delivered by people who are not only trainers, but experienced and knowledgeable professionals who understand the challenges and circumstances your team will face.

Furthermore, our focus on training that continues beyond the classroom means your team will be continuously learning and applying the theory.

We're here to help.

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