Organisational Effectiveness


Structure your organisation for success

We can help you to ensure your teams are structured and designed correctly according to your growth strategy – taking hierarchy, skills and competencies into consideration.

When delivering this process, we look at four key areas:

  • Do you have the right organisational design and structure in place to deliver your strategy?
  • What strategies are in place to attract, source and recruit your right people?
  • Are you measuring the effectiveness of your teams? If so, how?
  • How will you consistently grow your team’s capability and competencies to meet the needs of your organisation and your customers?

This informs the four pillars of our service – design, attraction, effectiveness and capability.

Designing your team


We work with you to assess the team structure and design you currently have in place. The goal is to answer a key question: will this structure help to fulfil your growth ambitions?

Throughout the process, we take not only your strategy and objectives into consideration, but the needs and wants of your customers too. From experience, we know both elements need to come together in order to design and train highly effective and efficient teams.

Talent Attraction and Sourcing


We build on your team design and structure and consult with you to agree the best way to attract and source more high performing talent into your team.

We use our proven experience in the FMCG sector and established processes to understand more about your business, employer brand and positioning in the market. We will then work with you to enhance and develop your organisation and position as an employer of choice.

Measuring effectiveness


With your team structure in place, it’s essential to take a closer look at how individuals are performing and if they have the necessary skills and capabilities to fulfil your growth strategy.

This begins with measuring how effective they are against a number of KPIs and factors to understand where they might be underperforming. This helps us to identify opportunities for training and development.

Of course measuring effectiveness of your sales teams is also never a short-term focus. We therefore help you to set a number of benchmarks and KPIs to track the effectiveness of your team longer term.

Developing capability


We believe that the biggest limitation around training to improve capability is that an employee is sent on a short course and is then expected to immediately excel.

Our capability programme ensures that they are not only trained, but continuously supported – meaning they don’t only learn the theory but improve at the practical application in areas such as category selling or revenue management.

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Reorganising for the future

Our major DIY client was keen to igure out how they could leverage their European level resources, activities and plans at a national level, while maintaining the required level of local market specialism. Find out more below.

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