Revenue Management


Helping you manage and optimise your revenue and profit

We understand how important it is to get the balance right between the volume of product you sell, the price of each item and by how much you spend to achieve that sale.

Our team can help you manage your revenue by developing a number of processes and capabilities that deliver optimal net revenue growth whilst always taking market circumstances into consideration.

We focus on two specific areas of revenue management:

  • The terms, discounts and pricing set by each customer (usually these are hidden costs)
  • The investment into consumer promotions (visible costs)

To help with your trade promotions management, we also have a tool called Prometric which can be deployed on a software as a service basis. Please contact us for more information.

Terms and Pricing


We believe every business should have a standard list price and a structured set of customer discounts that support the category, customer and supplier agenda. The challenge however is usually finding a route from the current situation to that desired end-result. We use a proven process to ensure we can help our clients identify and implement the necessary changes. We can also work closely with your team to ensure they are prepared to deliver the change required.

Trade Promotions


On average, 20% of gross revenue is spent on consumer promotions in FMCG manufacturers. This is one of the biggest costs on the P&L and we often find that return on this investment is questionable.

We work with clients to optimise the spend effectiveness over time, giving you the confidence that you’re investing in the right promotions and helping you to make more informed decisions.

prometric (1)

Prometric TPM Tool optimises complex promotion plans in Soft Drinks category

Soft drinks are a heavily promoted category, with a high number of promotions across a wide range of retailers and channels. We worked with a major drinks brand to deploy our TPM tool Prometric to help optimise their promotions in the Soft Drinks category.

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