The Challenge of Sales Capability

Unless you’ve been avoiding all social interaction for the past 10 years, it’s difficult not to notice the numerous and well documented challenges all suppliers to the retail sector are facing: changes in consumer behaviour; advances in data and analytics; and the channel shifts. All of which (…plus the ongoing uncertainties of Brexit) have had a dramatic impact on many businesses ability to deliver profitable sales growth. 

The group frequently at the forefront of this challenge are the sales team, and now more than ever they require the capabilities to challenge effectively both internally and externally, to drive their businesses forward. Yet the irony is often when profit is most challenged one of the first areas where savings are made is within the sales training programme.

Over a number of years, we at Sellex have built a Sales Academy to meet the needs of this ever-changing environment, and importantly commit every year to review and update the content of every element with the learnings from our consultancy engagements.  This ensures it meets not only the current market challenges, but, those we expect further down the line.  So relevant training is delivered for the now, rather than how we operated five years ago.

We also strongly believe that to create the right sales training programme for your team, requires careful, specific selection of the capabilities your teams need to win and deliver the elusive sales growth.  Many of which are not delivered via generic training but, sales training tailored to your business and specific circumstances. 

And that’s where we can help. Our Sales Academy was built with the help of sales teams across the UK. The results speak for themselves.