Are You Setup for Success?

When it comes to improving organisational effectiveness, there are a few questions that we frequently discuss with our clients:

Will the current structure of your sales or commercial organisation support the delivery of your growth plans over the next 3-5 years?

Do you have the right capabilities within your organisation to unlock the growth opportunities that you’ve identified within your business growth strategy?

Do you have a plan to build the skills and capabilities of your people to enable them to perform at their very best and deliver against business objectives?

We have a three-stage approach to help our clients answer these questions and improve the effectiveness of their sales and commercial organisations:

Step 1: Organisational Design

We work with clients to help them to understand whether their current organisational design and structure will enable them to deliver their business strategy and growth ambitions over the next 3-5 years. Do they have the right level of resource invested in the right areas? For example, an organisation looking to launch new products into new categories, push existing products into new channels or even a new customer will require a change to their organisational design to deliver against their new objectives.

Step 2: Organisational Effectiveness

When you’ve put the right organisational design and structure in place to deliver your growth plan, it’s vital to understand how the both the individual and collective members of your team(s) are performing against their objectives.

Developing and measuring performance against KPI’s is key to understanding the effectiveness of your investment in people, and in determining any further investment you may need to make in training and development to address skills and capability gaps.

Step 3: Capability Development

Continually developing the skills and capabilities of your people to enable them to perform at their very best and deliver great results for your business is a critical part of improving organisational effectiveness. Investing in the right training and development at the right time for the right group of people is a proven way to improve engagement, retain your best people and ultimately accelerate business performance.

We are regularly engaged by our clients to help them improve the effectiveness of their sales and commercial organisations.

Please contact us to have an initial conversation around any of the steps above, to see if we can help you improve the effectiveness of your organisation and deliver improved business results.

Contact us too if you are looking to develop your 3-5 year Business Growth Plan.