Which Training Techniques Are the Most Effective?

Sales training is essential to any organisation. Ensuring that your sales teams are equipped with the correct skills is paramount to delivering profitable growth.

As a team of highly trained consultants and trainers with a wealth of knowledge on the theory behind and the practical application of sales training, we have built our training with the delegate at the heart of the process.

When it comes to implementing the Sellex Academy, we have worked closely with each of our clients to focus on the best techniques and skills in order to ensure that our teaching lands most effectively.

Our Sales Training is Bespoke

Even though we’ve delivered hundreds of training sessions, each one is unique and is tailored entirely to the needs of our client.  Because we know that every organisation has different capability challenges.

At Sellex, we focus on helping our clients turn opportunities into profit. We consult with our clients extensively to ensure the training that we deliver addresses the challenges they have in capability, so that no effort is wasted.

But what sales training techniques are most effective? After years of delivering workshops to clients and teams of all shapes and sizes, these are the approaches we know work well.

Blended Learning

We use a blended approach to learning to deliver truly unique workshops, and to ensure that the learning is properly embedded

Put simply, blended learning is the use of various teaching methods to deliver a training session. We use a combination of face-to-face, workshop-based training, , in-role coaching, and online learning to achieve results. In our experience, this has proven to the most effective combination.

Whilst we firmly believe that face-to-face workshops are a critical aspect, blended learning allows us to augment that training in other engaging ways.

  • Delegates can self-direct their own learning. Whilst we deliver the workshops in person, we give our clients the tools to support their own learning with the Sellex Academy app. The result? Learning becomes a continual process; clients can learn anywhere, anytime, even after the workshops have been completed.
  • It caters to different types of learner. Ten years ago, sales training skills were typically only delivered in a classroom setting. Five years ago, the move was to provide training online. However, through feedback from our clients and research into how people learn best, we moved to a blended approach. This means that no matter whether someone is an auditory learner, a visual learner or a kinaesthetic learner, our approach works for everyone, irrespective of how they like to receive information.

We adopt a 70/20/10 approach. 70% is the practical application on the job, 20% coaching and 10% workshop based.

Case Studies and Role Playing

We enhance our blended learning approach by bringing the theory to life for our delegates. Two of the ways we do this are using case studies and role plays:

  • Case Studies

o   We use case studies to engage our delegates in the practical application of the skills they are learning in the workshop, based on examples from real life business.  We find the practical application of relevant sales skills in action is a great way of enriching and embedding the learning process

  • Role Playing

o   Another valuable way of bringing training to life is to encourage delegates to role play in the workshop. Aside from giving a real example to other delegates as to how their new skills might be applied in the real world, it also allows people to train in a safe environment. It’s the practical application of the skills that they are learning, so delegates can get a feel for different types of scenarios and approaches ensuring that they can confidently apply their new skills in a safe setting.

Pre & Post Workshop Learning

Our work begins before delegates even enter the workshop. We liaise with our clients in advance to ensure that our delegates have clear objectives for the training session, and we incorporate these into our plan.

Not only are the needs of every organisation unique, so is every individual delegate’s goals. The pre-work that we ask people to do prepares them for the training and allows us to focus our workshops on the most relevant areas.

Delegates can access the pre-work in our online portal; this allows them to see both their learning objectives and any tasks they need to complete prior to the workshop. Clients can also use this portal to see who is going on what courses and when.

And it doesn’t end after the workshop is over. We have already mentioned the Sellex Academy “Moment of Truth” app; this tool enables delegates to continue their learning at their own pace. We also work closely with our clients to ensure that the training is delivering the desired results

Embedding the Learning

All of this sounds good, but to maximise impact the trainer needs to take steps to effectively embed the learning. This is our secret ingredient. Where we excel.

How do we do that?

We use a five-step process which sees us support the delegate and the delegate’s line manager throughout their development:

  • Pre-Workshop

o   To set the personal objectives for each delegate

  • Workshop

o   To step-change skills

  • Test the Knowledge

o   To validate the knowledge gained

  • In-Role Coaching

o   To embed the skills in their everyday routine

  • Moment of Truth Support

o   To apply the skills when they count, enabled by our “Moment of Truth” app

We find that this methodology enables delegates to sustain the changes in their sales approach and makes them confident to carry these changes into their day-to-day work.

We support our clients throughout this entire process, because the entire package of training and support is what has helped Sellex consistently achieve a >90% feedback score from our clients and delegates time and time again.

That’s the Sellex Approach

Our approach to the Sellex Academy has been developed over many years and through the delivery of many hundreds of training courses.

In our experience, our approach to combining digital and online resources with face-to-face workshops has proven to the be most effective way to train sales professionals, and our blended learning approach is combined with the cutting edge theory and further enhanced with the practical application of that theory, ensuring that the knowledge we impart to our delegates is embedded quickly and effectively.

We believe the results speaks for themselves, and we invite you to get in touch if you would like to understand how the Sellex approach can help your sales teams.