Do You Have a Robust Business Growth Strategy To Help You Navigate Through an Uncertain and Complex World?

Our Business Growth Strategy specialist John Macfarlane provides some insights and thoughts on some of the biggest challenges facing companies today, and showing you a brief glimpse at how Sellex can help you build a winning strategy.

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is the uncertain and complex world within which they are operating. There are, of course, many factors involved. Some of the biggest uncertainties our clients have are:

  • the latest furore over Brexit, with what it means and when it will happen only adding to the increasing changes many businesses are experiencing
  • the growth of new channels, and how shoppers are increasingly turning to online purchasing, challenging the traditional high street
  • the growing market share of discounters and how that is increasingly focusing the market on price
  • Out of Home channels gaining increasing share of consumers’ spend
  • the growth of own label and new agile brands challenging established brands
  • increasing retailer consolidation both in the UK and globally.

In this challenging and ambiguous market how do sales and commercial leaders define where future growth will come from and what will they need to succeed in the future? What has worked in the past and probably what many businesses were built on may not work in the future – new capability will be required and new relationships in new channels will need to be built.

Where should future resources and investments focus? How will you know which channels will be important to you? What is your forecast for business growth over the next 3-5 years, and what strategy and tactics do you need to develop to deliver this? Which Customers should you partner with to deliver your growth and strategic ambitions? What skills and Capability do you need to develop for the future?

How Do You Answer These Question?

Here at Sellex we hear these questions and more from our Clients, and often they can lead to a difference of opinion around the boardroom and within sales and commercial teams which can lead to ‘no change outcomes’. How do you cut through these debates and answer these questions as you develop your 3-5 year business strategy for growth, set your budgets, and define the organisational structure and capabilities that will be needed to win in this market context?

We pride ourselves on being able to help Clients develop an objective view of their world based on insights and analysis using proven tools and processes to define future growth opportunities, understand where growth will come from, which customers and channels will drive this growth and which strategies and tactics to develop to deliver this growth.

Looking At Your Business From a New Angle

We help you to hold a mirror up to your business, and how it is set to deal with these future opportunities and challenges and define the choices to be made, prioritising the key channels, brands and customers that will make a difference.

Our team of Consultants have practical experience gained over many years in a variety of major businesses, and our proven process to develop Business Growth Strategies has helped many Clients answer these questions and provide clear choices and opportunities for the future direction of their business. We work closely with your teams, ensuring that they are aligned and supporting them to implement the decisions made and ensure actions are delivered.

The landscape is changing; are you equipped to change with it?