Training Needs Analysis – It helps to know your starting point, as well as your destination

We’re often asked by clients to help them improve business performance and deliver incremental revenue and profit growth through training and developing the sales skills and capabilities of their sales and commercial teams.

Often the first step that we take with a client is to carry out a Training Needs Analysis to help the client understand the key areas to focus their training and development investment on to maximise their return on investment.

The Training Needs Analysis is typically a blend of quantitative and qualitative data gathering and analysis including:

  •        Understanding and clearly articulating the organisation’s strategic and operational goals
  •        360 survey of team members, managers and other key stakeholders to assess sales and commercial skills and development areas
  •        Face-to-face interviews with team members, managers & other key stakeholders
  •        Accompaniment to observe skills in use in real life situations
  •        Benchmarking of findings vs agreed sales and commercial competencies
  •        Presentation of findings & recommendations to sales & commercial leadership

The Training Needs Analysis provides a real insight into the current strengths and development areas within an organisation, as well as directing training and development investment to the right areas.

Recently, Sellex have included 360 feedback from a client’s customer contacts to help inform the client’s sales team training plan. We have also worked with cross-functional customer-facing teams (including supply chain) to develop a consistent approach to customer relationship management. 

If you want to hear more or discuss how we can help you to gain a clear understanding of your organisation’s sales and commercial training needs, then please get in touch…