With a desire to optimize comes a need to change

Trade Promotion Management (TPM) is about capturing all promos, terms and agreements within a dedicated system. It allows you to manage the process of demand, as well as track commercial and financial planning, giving you greater control and visibility of your trade promotions. Which is why having a robust TPM system is key to getting the most out of your trade promotions.

In recent years the industry has been focussed on embedding Optimisation into this process. In short this requires more rigour around making the decisions that help you optimise for better outcomes associated with your business’ KPIs (e.g. trade spend ROI, Volume growth, market share etc).

There are typically two key areas where decisions are made, decisions which can be more informed with better analytics and functional capabilities:

  1. Firstly, one must decide on the variables associated with a specific promotional event that will directly influence the uplift and spend of that event, therefore leading to better ROI and financial performance
  2. Secondly, you must decide on the right combination of events and terms that roll up into a joint business plan

If you couple the ability to create and compare multiple scenarios with an automated analytical uplift, each scenario can give you significantly greater ability to create more effective event options, make better decisions event by event, and result in better financial outcomes.

Where trade spend on promotions is significant, and the majority of planned promotions take place with little consideration to performance (for example, copying over from last year, or delivering on expectations of the retailer), relatively minor improvements towards doing more profitable promotions can have a significant positive financial return across your entire consumer goods business plan.

Prometric is an industry leading Trade Promotion Management & Optimisation solution that empowers commercial teams to make better decisions, financial teams to get better control of spend, and management teams to have greater inflight visibility, all ensuring greater profitable growth.

Sellex bring vast experience in consumer goods sales capabilities to ensure the right deployment and change management programme is built to deliver results within 3 months.