Transforming Commercial Organisational Effectiveness with Sellex 

An Opportunity for HR, Talent Management and Commercial Directors in the FMCG Sector

In the FMCG sector brands and companies are under intense pressure. Following Covid, the external pressures seem to have come think and fast from all angles, commodity and energy price increases, war in Ukraine, higher interest rates, inflation causing consumers to make more considered purchases, rise of retailer brands, disruptive emerging brands. Top 4 retailers continue to jostle to remain in their traditionally strong positions and Aldi and Lidl continuing to charge along the rails, tempting consumers and growing their market share. 

That is allied with the internal pressures of a squeeze on headcount, a shortage of commercial talent, demands for salary increases, an ever more short-term and transient workforce, hybrid working and the resulting learning and development challenges for less experienced team members. 

In this fast-paced, competitive world, the approach to Talent Management and Organisational Effectiveness has to change. In the FMCG sector this is no different, when it comes to the importance of having a progressive, integrated and joined up approach to attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining your people. 

Where are we now?

There are still very few examples of an integrated approach to Commercial Organisational Effectiveness within the FMCG and Consumer sectors. Progressive HR teams think of their people as talent and a valuable resource, not as personnel, and work closely with their commercial teams to get into the psyche of professional salespeople.

So, from our experience, observations and conversations with senior HR, Talent Managers and Commercial Directors, how are the best organisations maximising the effectiveness of their people and who in your organisation should be accountable?

As, if you are the best, you can attract the best…….and achieve your growth objectives with a high performing team.

How to transform your commercial organisational effectiveness

At Sellex, we believe that one thing that everyone can agree on is that a coordinated and joined up approach is essential to maximise Commercial Organisational Effectiveness.

But we are pioneering a more progressive and forward-thinking view.

As Josh Bersin, a leading talent management practitioner, has said… “Everything is related – and now, rather than think about “integration” we need to focus on how we “drive talent outcomes”.

So how should you be driving talent outcomes with your team?

  • Talent Attraction
    • Corporate and website messaging, employer branding, your external reputation as an employer, your approach to ED&I, candidate experience, organisation structures, succession planning, job descriptions and more…. – how often do your teams put themselves squarely in the shoes of candidates – when did you last ask people what might, as opposed to what has attracted them apply to your business?
  • Your Recruitment Process
    • Your Careers communications and website, recruitment advertising, internal referral schemes, recruitment process, interview skills development, offer process, onboarding, recruitment partners and more – how would candidates, successful or not, talk about you?
  • Performance and Development
    • A strategic approach, regular performance reviews, competency frameworks, identifying your top talent, skills gaps, developing a learning environment, recognition programmes and more – how future focussed are your competency frameworks, how do you encourage commercial curiosity?
    • William Craig in a Forbes article Why Leaders Should Invest in Employees states “When you strategically invest in employees, you attract and keep all the best candidates, and you also build a strong work culture unafraid of innovation, change, failure and success. Employees take the bull by its horns and run with ideas, instead of running away from problems.”
    • The most successful companies over-index on developing their teams’ dynamics as well as the individual
  • Retaining Your Best People
    • Regular one to one feedback, team engagement surveys, hybrid working, open and honest culture, valuing your people, succession planning, career support for people who leave the business and more – do your best people see that everyone is treated fairly and with respect, respect always means clear feedback, whether for positive reinforcement or constructive
    • Talent Smart research shows “71% of employees are disengaged on a regular basis. However, employees are four times more likely to be engaged in an emotionally intelligent, and training-friendly, work climate.”

In summary

Driving talent outcomes must have clear central direction, frameworks and leadership from a core senior team of People and Talent Management professionals. Supported with proven, trusted and flexible external resources to advise and support in key areas such as Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Remuneration, Employer Branding, Executive Search, Candidate Attraction and Retention, Employee Experience Surveys and Exit Interviews. – how would you score your own organisation on your confidence in these areas? How would your teams?

Ready to find out more?

The Sellex Team has the trusted and proven experience to work with your team to enhance your Commercial Organisational Effectiveness.

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