Building a Winning Business Growth Strategy

Business Growth Strategy is one of our key consultancy services because we know that business growth and strategic planning, are some of the most important steps any organisation can take. In our latest blog, consultant John Macfarlane talks about how a winning business growth strategy can help you navigate an increasingly complicated world. 

In our last blog we talked about how businesses and sales leaders face an increasingly uncertain and complex world which makes it difficult to identify where future growth will come from and how to equip businesses to win in the future. Developing 3-5 year business growth strategies which require investment today is perhaps the most important challenge facing business leaders who to secure future investment and to win in their markets.

The choices made today can impact the success of businesses and sales teams for many years –  recruiting the wrong people, failure to develop the right capabilities, backing the wrong customer or channel can have a devastating impact on the success of businesses.

What is required is a clear, objective and insights based view of your current business and how it is set to deal with future challenges and opportunities – what capabilities will need to be built or found, which customers will be key priorities, what level of growth can be expected and where will this come from?

At Sellex we have a four-stage process to help you and your teams identify and answer these crucial questions and allow you to make the key choices and decisions that will set your business up to win in the future;

  • Define the future growth opportunity using our Market Modelling tool to develop an objective insights based view to inform and define the 3-5 year growth plan
  • Where to Play analysis – defining the priority channels, products and customers required to win in the future, based on future growth potential and attractiveness to your business
  • How to Win – developing the key strategies and tactics to win and deliver the growth
  • Key Enablers – identifying the key capabilities and organisational structure that will be needed to win

We do this using experienced Consultants and our proven tools, working closely with your teams and your data and insights to deliver a compelling and objective strategy to win, defining the key priorities to invest in and how to deliver the growth opportunities identified. We develop this collaboratively with your teams to ensure buy in and support the implementation and delivery of the strategy through defining clear actions, and coaching teams in how to deliver with customers.